CBL Markets is a global exchange providing market participants with access to the world’s environmental commodity markets. With a vision of bringing efficiency, transparency and liquidity to environmental markets, our exchange connects buyers and sellers around the world to facilitate the secure and seamless trading of environmental commodities, including Compliance Carbon, Voluntary Carbon, Renewable Energy and Water. For more information visit www.cblmarkets.com.

Latham & Watkins provides clients across the globe with innovative solutions to their most complex business issues and disputes. Building on a tradition of excellence in client service, Latham provides robust corporate and litigation advice and representation.With capital markets, public company representation, M&A, tax, finance and litigation lawyers located in offices in the world’s major financial, business and regulatory centers, Latham unites the resources of a truly international firm with an on-the-ground understanding of local markets and deep industry and product expertise in order to provide clients with unparalleled service and commercial advice every step of the way. For more information, please visit www.lw.com.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is one of the largest combined natural gas and electric energy companies in the United States. Based in San Francisco, PG&E delivers some of the nation’s cleanest energy to nearly 16 million people in Northern and Central California. PG&E offers a full portfolio of options to help customers save energy and reduce their carbon footprint. PG&E is also working to build climate resilience into its business along with the communities it serves.To learn more visit www.pgecorp.com/sustainability and www.pgecurrents.com.

As the nation’s largest natural gas distribution utility, SoCalGas® delivers clean, safe and reliable energy to 21.6 million consumers through 5.9 million meters in more than 500 communities.Our service territory encompasses approximately 20,000 square miles in diverse terrain throughout Central and Southern California, from Visalia to the Mexican border.

SoCalGas is a regulated subsidiary of Sempra Energy (NYSE: SRE), a Fortune 500 energy services holding company based in San Diego. For additional information, please visit the Investor Relations section. https://www.socalgas.com/


APX registry technology is used by the Climate Action Reserve, American Carbon Registry and Verra’s VCS program amongst eight other renewable registries. Our mission is to provide transparency and trust in the environmental markets worldwide. To realize these goals, APX works to provide registry technology, consults with governmental organizations, corporations with sustainability goals and non-for-profits aligned with this mission. APX launched Tradable Instruments for Global Renewables(TIGRs) to provide this certainty for renewable energy internationally. More than 5,000 companies globally rely on APX products and services for integrity in environmental markets with more than 2 billion credits transacted. https://apx.com/

ClimeCo Corporation is a respected advisor, transaction facilitator, trader and developer of environmental commodity market products. ClimeCo develops and manages carbon emission reduction projects in North America and offers the resulting carbon offsets to companies and organizations that use them to satisfy regulatory compliance program requirements or internal sustainability goals. Within the Climate Action Reserve, ClimeCo is the largest developer of U.S. Greenhouse Gas offset projects and has been honored to receive their “Project Developer of the Year” award. In the regulated markets, ClimeCo also provides market advisory and transaction services to assist clients in maximizing value for their commodity assets while minimizing costs. In addition to our carbon portfolio, ClimeCo also provides clients with a comparable suite of services to support criteria pollutant trading programs, including VOC, NOx, SO2, and particulate matter. For information, contact ClimeCo at (484) 415-0501 or [email protected]. https://climeco.com/

Energy Foundation’s nonprofit mission is to serve the public interest by building a strong, clean energy economy. Pragmatic and nonpartisan, Energy Foundation supports education and analysis to promote policy solutions that build markets for clean energy technology. Advancing renewable energy and energy efficiency can open doors to greater innovation and productivity—growing the economy with dramatically less pollution.

For nearly 25 years we have supported grantees to help educate business and community leaders, policymakers, and the general public about the health and economic benefits of a clean energy economy. Grantees include business, health, labor, environmental, faith, and consumer groups, as well as policy leaders, military organizations, think tanks, and universities. https://www.ef.org/

Finite Carbon is humbled to be recognized at NACW as North America’s leading developer and supplier of compliance carbon offsets. Landowners have entrusted us with the development of carbon projects on 3 million acres of forestland from every corner of the country – from Maine to Florida to California to Alaska. To date, these landowners have been issued more than 50 million ROCs and ARBOCs for their 100-year commitment to sustainable forest management and supply more than one-third of the carbon offsets to the WCI compliance market. Our team currently consists of twelve people – nine of which are professional foresters – exclusively focused on the development of compliance forest carbon projects. They have braved sub-zero temperatures, swamps, and grizzly bears to bring these projects to fruition. Their outstanding commitment to our clients and pride in their profession is the heart of our company.http://www.finitecarbon.com

Spanning the state from Southern California to the San Francisco Bay Area, FivePoint is the largest owner and developer of mixed-use, master planned communities in coastal California. FivePoint is building vibrant and sustainable communities in Orange County, Los Angeles County and San Francisco that will offer homes, commercial, retail, educational, and recreation elements as well as civic areas, parks and open spaces. The communities are planned to include approximately 40,000 residential homes and approximately 21 million square feet of commercial space in three of the most dynamic and supply-constrained markets in California. https://www.fivepoint.com/

ICIS is a dedicated and global carbon market intelligence solutions provider that can leverage behavioral modelling to formulate actionable and accurate insights from over 2 million data points and over 6 million emission allowance transactions.

Our analysis covers all major carbon markets worldwide: Western Climate Initiative (California, Quebec, Ontario), RGGI, EU ETS, and China’s pilots and National ETS.

With ICIS Carbon market analytics solutions, you are better equipped to recognize patterns, predict trends and take action quickly and confidently.

Find out more about ICIS Carbon market analytics solutions: www.icis.com

IETA is a nonprofit business organisation created in 1999 to serve businesses engaged in the field of carbon markets. Our objective is to build international policy and market frameworks for reducing greenhouse gases at lowest cost. Our vision is a single global carbon price produced by markets of high environmental integrity. We pursue this vision with an eye to pragmatism, political reality and sound economics.

Our work is driven by six key goals:

  • To improve the credibility and functionality of today’s carbon markets.
  • To promote quality, efficiency and effectiveness in future carbon markets.
  • To provide leadership and and development opportunities for carbon offsetting.
  • To promote effective linkages between carbon pricing systems over time.
  • To support effective private sector models of engagement in climate finance.
  • To showcase the power of markets in addressing climate change.

Our membership includes leading international companies from across the carbon trading cycle. IETA members seek to develop an emissions trading regime that results in real and verifiable greenhouse gas emission reductions, while balancing economic efficiency with environmental integrity and social equity.

IETA aims to ensure that system design, implementation and review deliver a functioning, efficient market. The association upholds its principles by acting as a think tank, a convener of dialogues, an advocate, a market promoter and acting as a body that is able to drive market standards. http://www.ieta.org/

IncubEx is an incubator for exchange traded products, services, and technology solutions. At its core, IncubEx is a product and business development firm. The company works in conjunction with its global exchange partner, European Energy Exchange (EEX) and other leading service providers and stakeholders to design and develop new financial products in global environmental, reinsurance, and related commodity markets. The company has a specific focus on innovation and continuous improvement of products and services, including technology, trading solutions, and operational efficiencies. The IncubEx team is comprised of former key Climate Exchange executives and is uniquely positioned to capture these opportunities with its partners. The company was founded in 2016 and currently has offices in Chicago and London.http://www.theincubex.com/

The nation’s sixth largest community-owned electric utility, SMUD has provided low-cost, reliable electricity to Sacramento County for more than 65 years. SMUD is an award-winning industry leader for its energy efficiency, renewable power, electric vehicle and carbon reduction programs which support economic and environmental vitality. SMUD was the first large California utility to reach 20 percent renewable energy supply and will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to 10% of 1990 levels by 2050. https://www.smud.org/
Since 1955, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District has been the public agency responsible for protecting air quality in the nine counties that surround San Francisco Bay: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, southwestern Solano, and southern Sonoma counties. The Air District is governed by a 24-member Board of Directors composed of locally elected officials from each of the nine Bay Area counties which oversees policies and adopts regulations to reduce air pollution in the region. The Air District aims to create a healthy breathing environment for every Bay Area resident while protecting and improving public health, air quality, and the global climate. http://www.baaqmd.gov/

Bluesource has been a leader in developing and marketing environmental attribute projects in North American markets since 2001, creating some of the first projects for the voluntary and compliance carbon markets. Our company is the longest-standing firm of its type in North America, with the largest and most diverse portfolio of environmental attributes.

We were most recently recognized in the 2017 Environmental Finance Market Rankings as the Best Project Developer in all North American markets and the Best Offset Originator in the California market for the third year in a row.

We are more than happy to assist you in any step of the carbon process, whether its identifying your own footprint, developing an emission reduction project or helping you achieve carbon neutrality. Please reach us at [email protected] or 801-322-4750. http://bluesource.com/

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is a state-established cooperative of 26 member agencies – cities and public water agencies – that serve nearly 19 million people in six counties. Metropolitan imports water from the Colorado River and Northern California to supplement local supplies and helps its members develop increased water conservation, recycling, storage and other resource management programs. For more information about Metropolitan visit mwdh2o.com. Conservation tips and rebate information can be found at bewaterwise.com.

At 3Degrees, our business is our mission. As a certified B Corporation, we connect people with cleaner energy on a massive scale — providing renewable energy and carbon offset solutions to Fortune 500 companies, utilities, universities, green building firms and other organizations that are working to make their services and operations more sustainable. Headquartered in San Francisco, 3Degrees serves clients around the world. Visit 3degreesinc.com

First Environment provides technical assistance and assurance services for GHG reporting or offset projects under most North American compliance or voluntary programs. We assist project developers with emission reduction projects, including producing project description documents, monitoring plans, and offset calculations and support public and private organizations with the development of GHG inventories and facility reports.

First Environment is CARB-accredited as a verification body for Cap & Trade compliance offset project data reports with livestock, ozone depleting substances, and mine methane capture project specialties. The firm is also a CARB-accredited verification body for GHG emission data reports under the MRR and our team includes transaction, oil and gas, and process emissions sector specialists.

First Environment is also ANSI-accredited to perform verifications of voluntary offset projects under the CAR, VCS and ACR programs; Climate Registry member reports; as well as compliance GHG reporting to Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia. http://firstenvironment.com/

GHD is one of the world’s leading professional services companies operating in the global markets of water, energy and resources, environment, property and buildings, and transportation.Privately owned by our people, GHD provides engineering, environmental and construction services to private and public sector clients across five continents and the Pacific region. Focused on creating lasting community benefit, our connected global network of 8500 people delivers projects with high standards of safety, quality and ethics.

Committed to sustainable development, GHD improves the physical, natural and social environments of the many communities in which we operate. http://www.ghd.com

Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE: ICE) operates the leading network of global futures and equity exchanges and provides world class clearing, data and listing services across commodity and financial markets. The New York Stock Exchange is the world leader in capital raising and equities trading.

Formed in 2000 to bring more transparency and accessibility to the OTC energy markets, ICE now operates twelve exchanges, six clearing houses and global data and listings services that drive global markets. Through a culture of growth, client service and innovation, ICE’s global network and state-of-the-art technology solutions serve the dynamic needs of market participants around the world. https://www.theice.com/index

ISU-Environmental Insurance has been working with Carbon Offset Insurance for over 3 years now. ISU has over 170 locations and is licensed in every state and continues to be the only brokerage offering the invalidation coverage. Over the last few months our policy has been enhanced and revised to accommodate offset credit owners and developers. Our premiums have been very competitive. We are now obtaining quotations for many large compliance buyers who covet the invalidation insurance coverage. The policy will simply replace the invalidated offset credits with CARB allowances. The insurance can be purchased at any time during the process and will follow the offset credits to provide coverage for the new owner when sold or traded. http://environmentalinsurance.com/

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is a proud supporter of Climate Action Reserves’ 2018 North American Carbon World. LADWP is the nation’s largest municipal utility with a 7,880 megawatt electric capacity and serving an average of 438 million gallons of water per day to the 4 million residents of the City Los Angeles, its businesses and visitors. LADWP is creating a clean energy future, planning for a more sustainable water supply, rebuilding aging infrastructure and improving our customers’ experience in all interactions.

LADWP is aggressively working to reduce greenhouse gas emission by expanding renewable energy, energy efficiency and other clean energy alternatives. As a result of these efforts, LADWP achieved 29% renewable energy and has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by roughly 42% from 1990 levels, exceeding California’s 2030 target of reducing greenhouse gas emission by 40% from 1990 levels. https://www.ladwp.com/

Founded in 1944, our mission is to protect and improve global human health. NSF International provides verification of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventories and validation and verification of GHG projects. We are accredited by ANSI (ANSI-Accredited Greenhouse Gas Validation and Verification Body -Accreditation #0216), the California Air Resources Board (CARB – Accreditation H-16-018 as well as H2-16-009), and are a North American verification partner of the CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project). NSF provides independent third-party verification of the environmental statements in green bond official disclosures. These statements may be based on the Green Bond Principles or the Climate Bonds Standard. We provide a full breadth of environmental services—from consulting to verification—in the focus areas of energy, water, materials and land. We engage with all clients, regardless of industry or sector, and can assist at any stage of readiness—from planning and strategy development to implementation and verification.http://www.nsf.org/

SCS Global Services (SCS) is a trusted leader in third-party environmental, sustainability and food quality certification, auditing, testing and standards development. SCS has verified 125 million tonnes of CO2e emissions and has been a leading assessor of carbon offset projects globally since 2008. Our carbon offset verification team brings its expertise in field forestry, biometrics, and verification to the global carbon market, with a commitment to scientific excellence, high quality standards, outstanding client service, and fast turnaround. We will work with you to find the most cost effective and comprehensive solutions to meet your project validation and verification needs.

As the voice of the U.S. standards and conformity assessment system, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) empowers its members and constituents to strengthen the U.S. marketplace position in the global economy while helping to assure the safety and health of consumers and the protection of the environment. The Institute oversees the creation, promulgation and use of thousands of norms and guidelines that directly impact businesses in nearly every sector. ANSI is also the U.S. member to the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) responsible for the accreditation greenhouse gas (GHG) validation and verification bodies. This accreditation assesses the competence of organizations determining conformance to international standards on GHG management as well as a number of mandatory and voluntary GHG programs. ANSI is proud to be a partner of the Climate Action Reserve and The Climate Registry in supporting credible and transparent climate disclosures. https://www.ansi.org/