Katie Valenzuela Garcia

Katie Valenzuela Garcia, Principal Consultant, Joint Legislative Committee on Climate Change Policies

Katie Valenzuela Garcia is Principal Consultant for the Joint Legislative Committee on Climate Change Policies. Established by AB 197 in 2016, this committee is charged with overseeing and providing recommendations regarding California’s climate policies and investments. Katie also staffs the Committee Chair, Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia, in his role as ex officio representative for the Assembly on the California Air Resources Board. Prior to joining the Legislature Katie was the Founding Principal for VG Consulting, a firm that partners with advocates and community groups in their pursuit of environmental justice, and was co-chair for the AB 32 Environmental Justice Advisory Committee. Katie is an active organizer in Sacramento, helping facilitate the Sacramento Neighborhood Coalition and the development of the new Sacramento Community Land Trust, a community based organization that will acquire and manage land for community benefit.