Gray Taylor

Gray Taylor, General Counsel and Principal, Climate Solutions Group

Gray Taylor is the General Counsel and a Principal of the Climate Solutions Group, an entity that aims to bring significant amounts of capital to projects to create ghg offsets and sell those offsets to large emitters in the Western Climate Initiative and Alberta markets. He is also the principal of Gray Taylor Law, a Canadian boutique law firm.

Gray is a former Chair of the National Environmental, Energy and Resources Law Section of the Canadian Bar Association, a former IETA Council member, former co-Chair of IETA’s Canadian Working Group and a member of the Environmental Finance Advisory Committee of the University of Toronto’s School of the Environment. He is the inaugural Distinguished Visiting Fellow in Environment at the School of the Environment and a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society.

Gray’s international emissions trading involvement led to him being placed consistently for several years in Band 1 for international climate change legal work by Chambers International, the leading lawyer rating agency, where he is today ranked as a “Senior Statesman”. He is also rated as a Senior Statesman in Chambers Guide for Canadian Environmental Law.